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Best Buying eso items Site For Customers - | Get the classic "book"

Le 25 décembre 2017, 09:47 dans Humeurs 0

Although it was difficult to get started, the ancient scroll has since become a successful and popular MMORPG. For the old scroll series fans, it provides a long-awaited $k3&f5f chance, can go to explore the land, to explore, and get the classic "book" and the friends of the classic picture. Although, like any MMO, it is easy to incorrectly assign your statistics and endure it for a long time. Fortunately, ESO gives the player a chance, as long as they want, as long as they have gold.

The old scrolls have what they call a rededication on the Internet, where players can redistribute attributes or skills by trading gold. Doing so will require a one-time payment of 100 gold pieces per property or point. So for example, if you want to rearrange 20 properties, you're going to have to spend 2,000 gold pieces. So buy the Elder Scrolls Online Gold is very necessary. A reliable website- is highly recommended, here you can enjoy Safe, fast and cheap gold delivery 100% guaranteed and provide you with timely & effective & satisfactory service.

Provided you have the gold, all you need to do is find one of the game’s Rededication Shrines. For Aldmeri Dominion players, go to Elden Root, Grahtwood and you can find the Shrine to Stendarr just East of the wayshrine. Players in the Daggerfall Covenant can go to the Shrine to Stendarr, in Wayrest, Stormhaven right on the West side of the city. Lastly, Ebonheart Pact players need to go for the Shrine to Stuhn right in the center of Mournhold, Deshaan.

So long as you have the gold, you can then respect your character at any of the three shrines. Search the ESO official site's Free Play page for more information of how to respect your character. will also update the latest news for you. What’s more, the full stock of the TESO Gold and eso items with cheap price also available here. 100% cheap and safe guaranteed. 


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Blade and Soul Gold for sale at gold.raiditem | Blade and Soul Changes

Le 28 septembre 2017, 11:53 dans Humeurs 0

Blade and Soul official site announced the crafting and gathering systems would be streamlined to reduce the complexities of crafting in Blade and Soul's next update - Rise of the Gunslinger.

And the official site also released new changes in the new crafting system. Read the original post from official site here. And the full stock of Blade and Soul Gold also available at gold.raiditem

New Changes

The number of simultaneous tasks you can have in the new crafting system is three for each guild (including gathering tasks within the guild), and the overall level cap for each guild is being increased to five. You can now also craft varying amounts of items with a single task. The cost and time to complete the crafting orders vary based on the amount chosen, and some options require an achievement to unlock.

With the streamlining, each crafting guild will have a slew of new and different items you will be able to craft. Have a look at some of the most exciting for each guild below.

The Forgekeepers

Radiant Ring

Soul Wardens

Acquired Taste

Silver Cauldron


Removed Content

The following guilds are being removed with the update:

Merry Potters

Herbside Service

Green Thumbs

Tree Fellers

Trapper's Alliance

Fish Network


Prospector's Union

Merry Potters Guild

The Merry Potters Guild is being removed as an available crafting guild. Some items that could previously be crafted with Merry Potters will now be available in the other crafting guilds, and clan crafting contracts will no longer require contribution from Merry Potters.

Gathering Guilds

Instead of having gathering guilds be a separate specialization, the items they provided and their associated quests are being made available straight from the new crafting guild UI as a task—except for Quartz and Spring Water, which are being removed from the game. In addition, you’ll be able to find these materials from dungeons, raids, and battleground quests.  Additional crafting materials and Elements can be obtained through Material Chests which will grant the appropriate guild’s materials when opened with the corresponding guild’s Guild Key.


Many previous crafting and gathering items will no longer be useable after the Rise of the Gunslinger update, and you’ll be able to exchange them through the Antiques window for gold or equivalent items. Additionally, all Secret Techniques will no longer drop and their quests will be removed, and Soul Warden’s Emblems will no longer drop from Midnight Skypetal Plains.


Achievements that are associated with Merry Potters and gathering will be updated. If you're still working on your Crafty Collector achievement, you'll be able to visit Kiyeon the Achievement Merchant in Zaiwei to purchase the Merry Potters outfit and adornment.

From the official announcement we can know all $k3&f5f crafting and gathering requests will be disabled on September 9, to reduce the potential of unneeded cost and effort put into any crafting before the maintenance on September 13. Keep your eyes on gold.raiditem for the latest news. Besides that, you can also get 100% cheap and safe BNS Gold here. Buy BNS Gold with more discounts now! Is the Best Site for Buying Cheap Destiny 2 Items

Le 20 septembre 2017, 05:55 dans Humeurs 0

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